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Distance Selling Agreement

Privacy Policy and Information Text This Privacy Policy and Information Text have been prepared to provide information on how personal data of users benefiting from the services provided through this site or connected to this site is processed and protected.">, located at MERAM, KONYA, is the corporate website of Marsehus, a brand, and service provider. The person responsible for processing the personal data is Marsehus, and within the scope of this Privacy Policy and Information Text, it will be referred to as "Marsehus." Users who perform the membership process through our site or benefit from the services on our site directly without completing the membership process are deemed to have read and accepted the terms in this Privacy Policy and Information Text. Processed Personal Data Our company, established in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Turkey, protects, processes, uses, and stores any information shared with us, including your identity, any information that is specific or can be identified, and your special category personal data, in compliance with the 6698 Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and other relevant legislation. Some of the processed personal data is provided directly by the User during membership or profile creation, while some personal data is obtained automatically. The information shared directly by the User with Marsehus includes: - Name, Surname - Phone number - Email address - Address Information Personal data not provided by the User but obtained automatically or generated by us includes: - Browser cookie information - User transaction information (IP address) - General location data - Site movements-page navigation information - Behavioral or personalized advertising data Purposes of Processing Personal Data The information provided by users during membership or profile creation is obtained for the purpose of completing the membership process and, if necessary, contacting the User by us. Personal data is processed lawfully, within the limits set by law, only for specific purposes, and in a fair and limited manner. The data is used without disclosing User information to develop the services offered to users, enrich the on-site experiences, use in company reporting and business development activities, conduct statistical evaluations, conduct market research, introduce new products and services to users, and personalize advertisements on Marsehus. Users are deemed to have explicitly consented to these data processing activities when they use the existing services. In cases where there are exceptions in the law and/or in the relevant legislation, personal data may be processed and shared with third parties without obtaining the separate consent of the users. The exceptions specified in Article 5 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 are as follows: - Clearly stipulated in laws - Necessary for the protection of life or physical integrity of the person or someone else who cannot express his consent due to actual impossibility or whose consent is not legally valid - Necessary for the processing of personal data of the parties to the contract, directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract, provided that it is limited to the purpose of processing - Necessary for the data controller to fulfill its legal obligation - Made public by the data subject - Necessary for the establishment, exercise, or protection of a right - Processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject Cookies Collection and Use When the site is visited, some information and files called "cookies" are stored and can be used later to facilitate the User's use of the site. The acceptance of a cookie by the User results in the storage of information specific to the PC, including IP address, date and time of visiting the website, which sections of the website were visited, and whether the desired web pages were successfully presented to the User. This information is anonymous and belongs to the computer, not the individual. Cookies are used to gain more information about the use of web services and to ensure that the website operates at its optimum level. This allows for the improvement of provided web services, providing a pleasant and innovative online experience. Personal data can be collected through cookies on digital platforms, and collected data can be processed, transferred, and stored in accordance with the law. By using the website, the Privacy Policy is considered accepted. The computer's settings can be changed to delete or block this information. If this information is deleted or blocked, some features of the website may not be accessible. Storage Period of Personal Data Obtained personal data is stored for the periods required by the purposes of processing personal data and within the legal limits, without exceeding these periods. Personal data stored to fulfill legal obligations is also kept for the periods specified in the laws. Additionally, personal data may be stored for the periods required by Marsehus's legitimate interests, without harming the fundamental rights and freedoms of the User, as long as these interests require it. When the circumstances requiring the storage of personal data cease to exist, personal data is deleted, destroyed, or anonymized by Marsehus in accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the Law and relevant legislation. Transfer of Personal Data Personal data may be transferred to third parties, both domestic and international, if one of the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and Information Text requires the transfer, and one of the conditions specified in Article 5 of the Law is met. Situations where personal data of users may be transferred to third parties include: - Requests for information and documents directed to Marsehus by the courts, authorities, or competent public institutions in accordance with the legislation - Necessity of transferring data to real or legal persons with whom Marsehus has a contractual relationship or cooperation for the conduct of commercial activities by Marsehus - Necessity of transferring user data to establish a partnership relationship with real or legal third parties. In case of a change in ownership of the website, the new data controller will be the real or legal person who takes over the site. Maintenance of Accurate Records It is aimed to have accurate information about users. If there is a request for the review or modification of the information transmitted by users, it is necessary to contact Marsehus. User Rights As the data controller under this Privacy Policy, Marsehus is responsible. As a personal data subject, each user can contact us at to exercise the rights granted to them by the law or to obtain information about our publication and privacy policy. The user has the right to: a) Learn whether personal data is processed, b) Request information if personal data has been processed, c) Learn the purpose of processing and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, ç) Know the third parties to whom personal data is transferred, d) Request correction if it is incomplete / incorrect, e) Request deletion / destruction in accordance with the conditions specified in Article 7 of the Law, f) Request notification to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred regarding the transactions performed in accordance with paragraphs (d) and (e), g) Object to the emergence of a result against you due to the analysis exclusively by automatic systems, ğ) Request the elimination of damages in case of damage due to illegal processing in accordance with the Law. The following must be included in the user's requests in this context: - Name, surname, and signature if the application is in writing - T.C. identity number for Turkish citizens, nationality, passport number, or identity number if any, for foreigners - Residential or business address for notification - If any, the e-mail address, telephone, and fax numbers - Subject of the request - Information and documents regarding the subject of the request Security and Protection of Personal Data Your personal data is under the protection

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